Vision & Mission

Bhavan’s Vidyashram

Chelembra – 673634

Mission Statement

As per the Academic results of the CBSE examinations, our School is the first among all
CBSE Schools of Kerala and the first among all the Bhavan’s Schools world-wide. As we
have a systematic and structured curriculum planning and practise, in achieving the
present status, we will continue the same to keep up the academic standard of the
institution with consistent vigilance and appropriate modifications.


“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever
devil.” said C.S. Lewis. As Bhavan stands for Indian culture and values, it is always our
mission to impart value based education to all the children entrusted to us, and we
constantly do so. But we plan to take up some special activities as narrated below as the
action plan for the years 2016-2019 in order to create a consciousness in the children
that we are only a part of the Mother Nature and our existence and sustenance can only
be as a pristine part of it always and our duty is to maintain it pure and lovely ever.

The mission statement for the Years 2016-2019 for us would be with a motto,


The elevating heat wave conditions and extreme climatic changes have
prompted us to set a mission with a vision of making earth greener and the mind
purer. In the coming three years we plan upon making our students responsible
citizens who don’t expect and wait for miracles to happen to them but work hard
on making miracles happen. Our mission is “Give More, Take Less”. No
achievement can be considered complete if it is not value based. Education isn’t
about earning a living but in helping sustained living. We would make ourselves
and thereby our students simple in thoughts and noble in purpose. They would be
prompted to the usage of words of kindness and courtesy , importance of sharing
of selfless service, of giving respect and care to elders and on exploring the
possibilities of going the extra mile and giving extra effort for making life better
for others.

Micro Projects:-


  • Student cadets as Litter cops to keep the school campus free from litter
  • Green cops to promote planting of medicinal plants, organic farming,
    planting trees within the campus and in each house of each student for a
    healthy pesticide free platter of food.
  • Planning and implementation of waste water management making waste
    water available to plants through cost effective pipe lines. With aid from
    agricultural dept of university and NGO’s we could make seedlings
    available to staff and students.
  • We aim at cultivating a good yield and getting the yield reach the tribal of
    Wayanad. “A selfie with my plant” campaign to promote the love for plants
    and thereby add to the flora of the planet.

The outcome of the project would be:-

  • The joy of giving more and pride at taking less
  • A bond with nature
  • Respect for farming
  • Feeling of oneness with mother earth
  • Respect for the food one eats
  • Abstinence from destructive tendencies and wastage
  • Know the joy of seeing life grow
  • Learn the values of perseverance, models of research etc.
  • An Enhanced Environmental Friendly life style

A tiny candle might not light up the world but would surely keep the darkness off
from around it. Together the staff, students and all can make a tiny patch on this
planet green, clean and filled with love, care and compassion. All schools can join
us in this mission.

“Generosity is in giving more than you can
Pride is in taking less than you need”
Khalil Gibran.