[An Online Learning & Digital Interaction Zone]

Dear Parents, 

We are glad to inform you that our school is shortly starting ‘iclassroom’ and ‘ischooledx’ facility for the benefit of our students, teachers and parents. 

‘iclassroom’ – Online Digital Content of School Syllabus 

         We are shortly introducing the advantage of unique high quality education through ‘iclassroom’ for our Kindergarten section. Students get advanced digital learning experience by using ‘iclassroom’. Both students and parents are authorised to use ‘iclassroom’. 

       ‘ iclassroom’  is a mode of online education to simplify learning for kids by simultaneously making learning a fun. It encourages and provides the best ambience for families to unite for education, entertainment and learning. In due course, we are planning to bring in ‘iclassroom’ for higher classes ensuring our students reap the benefits of quality education.

Steps to use iclassroom

  • Visit our school website – http://www.bhavans-vidyashram.in/
  • Click on ‘ iclassroom’ logo
  • Enter your username and password
  • Select the required subject.

Advantages of iclassroom

 i) ‘iclassroom’ provides digital contents of syllabus for Kindergarten students.

 ii) Special contents are available for basics of Phonics (English pronunciation), Mathematics (including digital worksheets) and Environmental Science

iii) Making use of ‘iclassroom’ digital contents according to the daily portions will result in good English Pronunciation and Accuracy in Mathematics.

ischooledx – Online School Community

‘Ischooledx’ is an advanced technology where teachers, parents and students can interact on a common platform to discuss regarding the academic updates/progress of students separately. It also facilitates communication of events/activities that takes place at school. Ischooledx App (Upgraded Version of Ischooledx Online Community) has also introduced its App for its users.

Kindly follow the instructions for best results.

  1. Visit http://www.bhavans-vidyashram.in/

and click ‘Ischooledx’ logo.

     2.  Enter your username and password.

     3.   Upload the profile photo of the student.


Steps to install and use Ischooledx App

1) Search for IschooledxApp  in ‘Play store’ on your Android phone.

2) Click to download, and install the App.

3) Open Ischooledx App.

4) Sign in using the User name and Password provided by the school.

5) Upload the profile photo of the student.

Regularly visit ischooledx.com to receive-

          (a) Updates and study materials shared by teachers.

          (b) Updates and information shared by school.

Advantages of ‘ischooledx’:

i) ‘ischooledx’ works as a quality tool for school management, which help schools and teachers to notify significant updates of schools without delay to parents and students.

ii) Keeps parents well informed regarding the progress of their wards and helps them in taking remedial action if required.

iii) It is a modern and effective method of learning in an international standard.

Note: The username and password will be provided by the respective class teacher . If you face any technical issues regarding username /password, please contact the school.

With Regards


Bhavan’s Vidyashram