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About Bhavan’s Vidyashram

Bhavan’s Vidyashram is the Senior Secondary School under Bhavan’s Ramanattukara Kendra started functioning on 2-7-2001. It is an institution designed to excel. It is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education.

The school is having a team of best teaching staff. The instructional work is carried out with utmost care to ignite clear imagination and to create true concept in the minds of the students. The modern technological facilities are suitably applied for effective teaching in this school.

Apart from the prescribed curriculum, various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are being organized in a regular manner. These programmes entertain our students and help to search out and inspire the inherent talents in them. It is very useful to improve the intelligence and capabilities of the children. The programme includes various topics such as Yoga, Meditation, Assignments, Debates, Music, Quiz, Geeta chanting, Imagination development programmmes etc.

However we try, some children lag behind in some subjects. In order to bring them up to the required standards we continue synthetic remedial teaching programme.

World order is changing very fast. Our ancient ideal of Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam is widely accepted by the world, even though not in the true and proper sense of the concept. Due to the Liberalization and opening up of the world community, opportunities are now more linked with excellence than it was ever before. So our children shall be equipped for the open worldwide competition for which they are destined. Our academic planning is motivated by this vision. The parents shall also realize the matter and co-operate with us to achieve the great objectives.

As stated above, the younger generation is lucky for the opening up of unlimited opportunities worldwide. But the fittest only can survive and grow to prosperity! Parents knowing this reality shall affectionately inspire and encourage their children and do true justice to them.

Our institution is a self-financing non-government organization. So the cost of service is invariably to be borne by beneficiaries. Therefore, we are unable to provide education free or concessional rates. If concessions are to be provided, invariably it must be compensated by some other source or it has to be contributed by way of cross subsidy. Parents are requested to conceive the idea that education is the most important wealth and investment- Vidya dhanam Sarvadhanal Pradhanam. Education is the most precious investment the parents can make for the everlasting welfare of their beloved children. Hence qualitative superiority of education becomes very important.

As Swami Vivekananda said “ character is destiny”. So together with the teaching of subjects, we give much importance for moral education and value-based character development.